Our Story

We are proud of the wide diversity represented in our group.  Although we come from different cultural backgrounds, we share a passion for research and the joy of discovery.  Our group provides a healthy and nurturing environment that allows everyone to develop to their fullest potential – and have a lot of fun along the way!

Our Approach

We enjoy our multidisciplinary approach to science.  Rather than comprising sub-groups of specialists, our group gives everyone the opportunity to learn organic synthesis, protein biochemistry, tissue culture and analytical methods.  We believe this broad training at the interface of chemistry and biology is ideally suited for both academia and the modern biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.

Meet the Keillors!

The Keillor group brings together skilled, passionate researchers from the fields of molecular biology to synthetic chemistry, and everywhere between!.

Karine Bourgeois, MSc

BSc (Hons), Chemistry, Université de Moncton

Hometown: Moncton, NB

Phamacokinetic assessment of novel targeted covalent inhibitors for human tissue transglutaminase

Sydney Acton, NSERC MSc

BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of British Columbia

Hometown: Vernon, BC

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of fluorogenic reagents for in-vivo protein labeling

Kelvin Tsao, NSERC PhD

BSc (Hons), Chemical Biology, McMaster University

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Cellular protein labelling using fluorogenic dimaleimide probes following their design and synthesis

Nicole McNeil, NSERC PDF

 PhD (NSERC-CGSD), Chemistry, University of Calgary

BSc (Hons), Saint FX University

Hometown: Pasadena, NL

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of transglutaminase irreversible inhibitors.

Abdullah Akbar, PhD

BSc (Hons), Biopharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ottawa

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of transglutaminase irreversible inhibitors


Eric Gates, MSc

BSc (Hons), Chemistry-Biology, University of New Brunswick

Hometown: Hampton, NB

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of transglutaminase factor XIII specific inhibitors

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